Did you see the unicorn?

Did you see the unicorn? Part one? Albert shut the front door, and as he entered the street his phone implant in his wrist alerted the rest of the householders to his exit,and began tracking his route. At the next junction he stepped straight out into the road, and the oncoming driverless car stopped to … Continue reading

Robert Marnock

We have written much in newsletter history about water in the Park and anyone who has our book “Grosvenor and Hilbert Park” by Philip Whitbourn and Ian Beavis will know about landscape designer Robert Marnock. In this history piece we’ll try and bring you a few things you may not already know. The design of … Continue reading


MONDAY 6TH AUGUST – FRIDAY 10TH AUGUST 2018 Dithered over the title, should it just be Edinburgh, or Edinburgh Fringe Festival? Should it be here (photo free) or on my other blog that has less followers, but image capacity? Where should it all start? I think it started when my husband asked for a week … Continue reading

No pictures

I return to my original blog page tonight as there are no pictures, just a pile of words, many of which I may have said before. I’m supposed to be writing some other words: the linking parts to The Forum’s 25 year history, and some content for September’s Town Crier magazine on the book and … Continue reading

Fiction: the Undesirables Are Back

When I first moved to the town it was pleasantly old fashioned. Rooted in the past, even the town wasn’t sure which era it was stuck in. Some time when all was well, good, rosy, peachy, and totally conservative. There wasn’t much for the children to do, in fact we often got in the car … Continue reading

Everything starts somewhere….

“Everything starts somewhere, although many physicists disagree.” is the inspiration line for the local writers’ group Christmas project. I’ve not been to the writers’ group meet-up, but I read their website, follow them on twitter, think a lot about having the courage to go. That line has made me think a bit, and I guess … Continue reading

Fiction: Lock Out!

The Full Council Meeting was due to start at 6.30pm, with doors opening at 6pm. The rain started at 5.30pm, one of many showers during the day, and at 5.45pm the Town Hall staff unlocked the doors and began letting the queue come in. A variety of people, mostly over 30 years in age, and … Continue reading


I was watching a star Tiny, small And only me looking   I told a friend They came to watch too Just us two   We liked the star Saw potential For greater things   For ages we watched As the star grew Little by little   More people came They clapped They cheered   … Continue reading