Four: Excess deaths

Following September’s series: One: Are you scared to die? Two: You all want to live forever? Three: Scared to live? I bring you four – planning for excess deaths. A complex calculation: When I wrote the first three of this series, it was with the thought that my Dad’s health was slowly decreasing. He … Continue reading


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Oh dear. Who was the person who said there would be no second wave, stop looking at the graphs of 1918 Spanish flu, who said it would all be better by Christmas, who said if we kept our distance and wore masks we’d all be helping in staying alert and…


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Just a follow up from last time – that empty cinema site – pictured as a suggestion for the castle in the Kent Border town of Tunbridge Wells – is up for sale again – 17M now (with planning permission). Also, on Monday I was part of a group to…

Three: Scared to live?

Today’s ONS release on deaths suggest an increase in Covid19 deaths: The numbers of deaths in hospitals and care homes were below the five-year average in Week 38 (365 and 68 fewer deaths respectively), while the number of deaths in private homes remained above the five-year average (711 more deaths). Good, because I was … Continue reading

Two: You all want to live forever?

Following yesterday’s gloomy look back at death in my family and friends through war, cancer and accidents, and thoughts on staying safe through the next six months of Covid Plus Brexit ( starring roles for end of alphabet letters here), I thought I’d Google some information on general deaths. Because I do maintain we can’t … Continue reading

Are you scared to die?

This is something I have been meaning to write about for a while, after someone wrote a poem about getting their Free Bus Pass. It’s something I’ve made several notes on in my ideas book, alongside a story about there being no Queen Victoria. That story also includes death, or lack of, where Princess Charlotte … Continue reading


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September days out, and days around town: It’s stayed warm, in fact nice enough for a physically distanced visit to the seaside. Luckily we found somewhere quiet, that also had car parking and toilets. Lots of shingle, shells and high tide. This part, near fishing huts, is popular with camper…


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Forty seems significant, even though blog numbers bear no relation to time. It is however, six months since town-wide venues shut their doors (March 17th 2020, last shows on 16th) and the way things seem right now – that step five on the reopening roadmap (full capacity) looks unlikely any…