High Brooms Brickworks

High Brooms Brickworks

The name High Brooms simply comes from the fact that brooms were made from the shrubs that grew here, on the high ground, at a time when gypsies camped here. To the north of the town of Tunbridge Wells, this area was sparsely populated until late Victorian times.

High Brooms prospered as a settlement when in 1885 the High Brooms Brick and Tile Company Ltd was founded near the railway line from London to Hastings. The local clay was ideal for brick making, and the Weare family ran HBBTC until 1968.

These gantries still survive by the railway line on North Farm Road. The other side of the road was the brickworks and is now an Industrial Estate. As I work on this Industrial Estate, more stories about the brickworks and area will follow.


5 thoughts on “High Brooms Brickworks

  1. Hi, does anyone have any information about Charles John Gallard who was a Southborough builder and brick maker in the late 1800s.

    Regards, Dave

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