Old hedges

Old hedges

On Monday I went to look for the other old orienteering posts in Grosvenor and Hilbert Park. About half of them are still in place, but some may have rotted away, or been hidden in undergrowth. The hedges are part of the development 80 years ago of the playing fields, but the woodland areas date back to when this was farmland. A few very old trees would have been here when all this land was part of the estate of Tonbridge Castle.


3 thoughts on “Old hedges

  1. According to The Hackenthorpe Book of Lies these hedges are leftovers from the ill-fated racecourse, which was built in 1837 and intended to give nearby Lingfield Park a run for its money. The course was relatively successful in it’s first few years, but fell into decline after becoming the focus for animal rights protesters AND political reformers when a local suffragette named Betty Babcock (no relation) threw herself under the Mayor’s horse. The horse survived, but was severely traumatised. Betty, sadly, broke an ankle and had to be shot.

    It is rumoured that if you walk in the park on a cold, dark night you can still hear the thunder of ghostly hooves and Betty’s anguished screams…etc etc…

  2. Ah, you know about the tunnel… Part of the planned Tunbridge Wells Metro which was intended to join up the shopping areas at the top and bottom ends of town, as well as providing low cost travel for those working in the Tunbridge Ware factories, brick works, gas works, and gender realignment clinics around High Brooms and Oak Road. Sadly the Mayor, a certain Mr William Sykes, did a runner with the money and the project got cancelled.

    The problem of travel between the Town Centre and the industrial area was quickly resolved with the building of High Brooms Station, but consolidating the twin retail areas remains a thorn in TWBC’s side to this day…

    No, I am not sharing this info around… Working on the principle that knowledge is power I feel it gives me a certain edge to retain the power of the Hackenthorpe purely for myself. Mwahahahaha…

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