Wishing we were beside the seaside

Wishing we were beside the seaside

Tunbridge Wells on Bank Holiday Monday continued with both the “TW Festival” and “Local and Live” and lots of people out enjoying themselves.

When we went on Catherine Pitt’s Top Town tour on Sunday she told us how the Common used to be compared to visiting the seaside, with donkey rides held; there is even a drawing of Princess Victoria, before she became Queen, riding a donkey near the Common. Catherine has now found me a quote from the 1905 Pelton’s Guide Book: “what the ocean is to a sea bathing town, the Common is to Tunbridge Wells”.

Perhaps as the roads become more congested, and the cost of fuel continues to increase, we can return Tunbridge Wells back into a resort to visit, for either “healthy air” or “healthy spring waters”, or just for some weekend entertainment. Apparently we also had seats around Mount Ephraim House that were known as “The South of France” and were the place to sit and soak up some sun; now if we could rival the Riviera, that would be grand.


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