King Charles the Martyr

King Charles

Today we spent a long time in Tunbridge Wells Museum with “Holiday Treasure Trails”, reading about Tunbridge Wells biscuits, baths and souvenirs. The outdoor trail last month had taken us to the Church of King Charles the Martyr, the oldest Church in the town; just over the road from the (dry) chalybeate spring. King Charles was the last Saint to be canonised by the Church of England, and is a martyr as he died for the church. Built in 1676, the church has been altered over time, and was visited by Princess Victoria during her summer visits.

The church hosts a series of classical concerts, and is included in the Tunbridge Wells International Music Festival, running from 13th – 28th October 2012. The Church is open from Monday – Saturday from 11.00 – 15.00 for viewing, and has an incredible ceiling.

The Museum Treasure Trail question however was about this part of the church…. pop into the Museum if you’d like to know the question to the answer!


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