Heritage Open Days: Opera House

Heritage Open Days: Opera House

Heritage Open Days run every September, and give people the chance to tour and explore places not normally open to the public, and listen to talks or see exhibitions on historical heritage items.

I visited a lot of Tunbridge Wells places last September, but missed out on the Opera House. Built as an Opera House, or theatre, in 1902, this is now a Wetherspoon’s pub. Wetherspoons refurbished most of the old theatre when they bought the pub, the only part they haven’t done is the upper circle. So this tour is one of the very few times you would get a chance for this, quite scary, view; or go out onto the balcony by the lower circle.

There are lots more events on over the weekend around the country. I will be spending the next two days in St Barnabas Church, at the end of Camden Road, helping with the display for Friends of Grosvenor and Hilbert Park.

If you do miss out on this free weekend, consider booking a tour organised by Blue Badge Guide Catherine, see http://www.tunbridgewellslife.co.uk/tours/opera-house-tour/
for details, an alternative birthday outing?


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