New things, Trinity Theatre

New things, Trinity Theatre

The activities at Trinity Theatre have been discussed on several of my blogs, but something new has just started, and I went to the cafe to talk to Joanna about Sounds N Shakes.

The Trinity website explains most of the information you need about how to get involved, but I was wondering how Joanna decided to set the event up. A chat revealed that Joanna was a music student at Leeds, and is in group “Hunting Bears”. She has been playing music since her school years, and was aware that many young musicians don’t get a chance to try out their performances. Sounds N Shakes will give them an opportunity to practice in the Trinity cafe foyer, and then chat afterwards about their work. Hopefully after a few sessions, they will be confident enough to join in the Saturday mornings “Breakfast at Trinity’s”. All sorts of musicians are welcome, and as the group has only just started, Joanna is still contacting all the schools and music groups that she thinks will be interested.

This is yet another good thing happening in Tunbridge Wells, and I still like the “you never know who will be famous one day” aspect…

Also I have to say, if you read this blog before Saturday 29th September 2012, get yourselves to Trinity Art Gallery and check out the film, art and print from Bennett Memorial School 6th form. This was on such an impressively brilliant level – I wish them all well in the future.


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