Jewels of all sorts

Jewels of all sorts

Yesterday evening I spent a pleasant hour in Paynes Jewellers on Tunbridge Wells High Street, viewing an exhibition of rare black opals from Lightning Ridge, Australia. I had always though of opals as being rather clear, with a hint of pale colours, but it turns out they can be any colour in the spectrum. But the black ones only come from Lightning Ridge. The collection brought over by John and Leisha Wheeler from their mining and jewellery business was awesome. My photos weren’t. So if you’d like to see some beautiful gems, log into facebook and go and like their page:

The best part about the Open Evening was getting to hear the tales of Australian mining, and see John’s personal photo album. Like something out of the Old Wild West, here are tales of theft and poor souls who never “struck gold”. Perhaps if John and Leisha stopped travelling the world, they could sit down and write tales for everyone.

So to provide a photo for today’s blog: I had to take a black and white view of Grosvenor and Hilbert Park for inclusion in the local parish magazine. I was so fortunate to find a gentleman and toddler feeding ducks in the morning sun, all happy in their own ways; and I was on my way to eat cakes at a MacMillan “Big Coffee Morning”, not a bad way to spend another hour! So not jewels to look at, but jewels to think about.


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