I had heard about the knitting evening in Javabean Cafe from another blog: and it’s taken me those three months to get around to going.

As I’ve been knitting since I was about five and at one time was trying to make money out of “Crafty 1980s knitting” (for want of a better expression….) it seemed a nice idea to get the knitting out of the front room and into a cafe for a chat.

Having been in Javabean in The High Street before I knew it was homely with it’s paintings on the walls, so really it wasn’t alot different to being at home, except owner Debbie made the drinks and there was lots of natter, and at times some knitting. This photo, apart from our empty coffee cups, is Lesley’s bunting – she is using up all her old odds and ends and will donate the bunting to Javabean when it’s finished. There were a variety of projects in progress, and Mrs Anke took all our photos, so I think we might get blogged again…

Meeting from 5.30pm on the first Tuesday of every month, it will be quite interesting to go back next month and see how everyone has got on.

Javabean is open all week if you want some refreshment, and some new art will be going up next week, also the very large windows give you a chance to watch the world passing by:


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