Walking Tour

Walking Tour

Luckily the sun shone for the Walking Tour of Tunbridge Wells Common for the “Civic Stop” art piece by “We Made That”.

The group on the tour are gathered here by the sandstone outcrop now called “Wellington Rocks”, after the “Wellington Hotel” on the other side of Mount Ephraim, the road along the top of the Common. The earliest known Tunbridge Wells inhabitants made seasonal campsites at the rocks. For these middle stone age people living in the Wealden Forest, the rock outcrops were landmarks.

We reflected on how the natural shapes and form of the rocks had continued making them a landmark through the centuries. The small pieces of quartz in the layers of rock were dug out and made into jewellery in Victorian times, and there is much engraving in the stone, often where lovers have met! Children still play here, like a natural theme park, years after the Victorian residents viewed this area as their seaside-like resort.


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