Weekly Writing Challenge: And Now For Something Completely Different

With six months of photos, histories and daily events already blogged, the above headline was thrown at me on twitter when I logged-on this evening. Could I write a blog that wasn’t based on today?

After a childhood of writing stories about ponies, adventures and something like “Little House on the Prairie”; about thirty-two years ago I became aware of more poetic ideas, not just through poetry but through song lyrics. A good example would be “Christine” by Siouxsie and the Banshees. This song was influenced by the story of Christine Costner Sizemore, who in the 1950s was diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. In 1957 her story was made into a film “The Three Faces of Eve” starring Joanne Woodward, with several books being written over the years by Christine and her psychiatrists. A very unlikely subject for a song, it made me aware that anything could be a subject matter. Having enjoyed the song, I went on to read one of the books, and be interested in the idea that someone could have a split personality.

Other music at the time reflected strong social and political issues, such as “One in Ten” by UB40 or the triple album “Sandinista!” by The Clash. A time of fanzines, and with my friend’s brother in a band, I scribbled endless political poems, finally making a very small fanzine…. Not sure anyone every bought a copy! Nor did the band show any interest in my profound potential lyrics.

Years later, the words and pictures are still scribbled in sketch books and notepads, but the world of blogs and social media means everyone can share anything, and leave it floating around in space for someone else to find. No need to collate A4 sheets on a typewriter and take to photocopy at the local print-shop. Maybe this isn’t a good thing, maybe there is too much out there, too much to choose from, wheat from the chaff, blogs and YouTube, your view and their view…..But as we continue to hurtle onwards, where one small phone can share the world in seconds, we all stand our chance to meet Andy Warhol’s 1968 prediction: “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Let’s hope that in the information overload there are still small moments that inspire, that lead onto further knowledge, that we wise-up not dumb-down.

*Daily Post says: “At the end of your post, take a minute to reflect on the experience of creating it.” My reflection, it took a lot longer than normal!*


5 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: And Now For Something Completely Different

  1. “It took a lot longer than normal.” Heeheehee.

    Never knew “Christine” was about “Christine” but now you’ve told me it makes perfect sense. I love a bit of pop triv! Not a big Siouxsie fan, but Christine among her better ones.

    In similar vein, “Counting Backwards” by Throwing Muses is about Kristin Hersh’s schizophrenia, backward counting being a coping strategy she used to reorientate herself when the internal voices were getting out of control… John Peel says the Undertones “Teenage Kicks” was the perfect pop single. I think the Muses “Red Shoes” could have given it a run for it’s money if it had got the airplay… 😀

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