An audience with the Pope

An audience with the Pope


When I started my blog (now seven months ago) it was mainly about the history and scenes around Grosvenor and Hilbert Park , and related matters; I decided it should be something I had done as part of the day and so it slowly stopped being so much about the park….

After helping to organise the Diamond Jubilee Picnic in the Park, and attending the Olympic celebrations, and the four days of Local and Live on the Pantiles, we started to try and see a few more of the bands we had seen for free. Having enjoyed everything for nothing, seemed worth giving some money to the acts via entrance tickets and buying CDS….

However, every time we went out, we kept seeing Chris Pope (and Helen). Chris was always there, with a camera, then with a notepad. Whisperings were made that he had a project….

Well today is the big reveal. It’s not quite on the same level as James Bond and “Skyfall” but Chris has launched a new website to promote Tunbridge Wells music, with event listings, reviews and chats to musicians.

We know Chris as he plays ukulele every other Monday at TWUNTS , but before we knew him we had heard him playing guitar and singing a couple of years ago at Local and Live on the Pantiles. So quite rightfully he knows a lot of local people, and reading his reviews, they are much better than the ones I attempted the other day!

But let’s have a go at reviewing Chris at the Acoustic Valium event in The Bedford a couple of weeks ago – “One man and a guitar, singing songs about life, struggling to be heard over the noisy people on the other side of the bar. Well done Chris for carrying on through the shouts of ‘Whaley’. The perils of pub performance I suppose.”

The website An Audience With The Pope is still in the early stage, so have a look, and contact Chris if you have anything to add, there’s a “resources” section which could get very interesting, given so much is happening around town at the moment.


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