Grosvenor Park Bandstand

Grosvenor Park Bandstand

A cold grey day in November, and we are considering events for 2013 in Tunbridge Wells, and particularly in Grosvenor and Hilbert Park. This is the bandstand, opened in 1899, and closed in 1935. It was the first bandstand in the town, as The Old Musick Gallery in the Pantiles, is built into a building (now a jewellers). Much as we did in the summer, after the Jubilee Picnic, we are pondering how nice it would be to have a bandstand (perhaps with some electricity this time) back in the park, for some sunny summer afternoons….


2 thoughts on “Grosvenor Park Bandstand

  1. Love the idea of a bandstand for the summer. Smooth music, lounging in deckchair enjoying a real cappuccino (from Panini on the Park) mmmmm…..
    PS Whereabouts in the park was the old bandstand?

  2. Location, in this photo, the wetlands area is on left, Dorking Road on the right, so looking towards what is now football pitch, but at this time was still Charity Farm (we think…) anyway it was on that section of grass where there are now man-hole covers (left over from British Restaurant/Satellite Club) (see earlier blog, of FoGH book!!)

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