108 -110 St James Road


The barriers are up, and looks like this building is now getting ready for demolition. I hope progress will be made, as the Jiskoot site in Goods Station Road has stopped work half way through demolition. For a short time this building being “down” will reveal a view down Vernon Road and over the park to High Brooms, before the new build starts.


4 thoughts on “108 -110 St James Road

  1. Hmm – not all good news! The shop is not being demolished as such. I believe they are keeping the skeleton of the building and will finish up with three flats there. Since the shop closed 2009 the frontage and side had been used for parking by local residents (inc me!). The redevelopment means about 9 residents have to find parking elsewhere in an area where overnight parking was already nigh impossible after 6pm. God help us if TWBC get their way and ban pavement parking! I have been here for 3 years and TW has got so bad for cars I’m now seriously thinking of moving or trying to cope without one!

  2. In the last plans I saw it was being demolished… Will be good if it stays, for a lot of former employees and customers of ‘JB Music Stores’ it’s an iconic building… This area will go into meltdown if pavement parking is banned…

  3. You may be right about demolition – but last plans I saw (and objected to!) were for keeping the overall shape of the front part of the building – fortunately they are providing 3 (I think) parking spaces on site for the 3 flats. Parking round here as you know is crazy and things like residents parking zones don’t help as they don’t apply after 6pm. People like me who might get home v late are now parking for the night in the residents parking zones in Albion or Western road. Must really P*** them off. I know it’s off topic but “something must be done” even if it means increasing the number of one-way roads giving the ability to allow more parking by reducing the number of double yellow lines. End of rant!

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