Safe Music Gig


SAFE MUSIC GIG Friday 9th November 2012

Tunbridge Wells Forum


Back in September I went to Grosvenor and Hilbert Park to watch scenes being filmed for a video for the new youth suicide awareness project SAFE for Kent, part of vawk who are based in Tunbridge Wells. Local writer, producer and director Samuel Marlow has been hard at work editing the video, which received it’s first official showing last night.

Taking over The Forum for the evening, as well as the video, there were three acts to entertain, and a table full of promotional merchandise. First on was the lovely Will Joseph Cook with his guitar; we missed him playing at Local and Live in the summer but had enjoyed listening to him online. The second act Lion I hadn’t heard of until the posters went out for the SAFE gig, but I had a listen on Soundcloud and really liked them! As featured in the photo above, us ladies in the audience were very impressed with the drummer Nikki Smith. Lion will be launching their album on November 23rd at the Camden Barfly, so go and like their facebook page for more details.

Now the reason I don’t like to review bands… third band Come The Spring were, to be honest, a bit loud for me! However, they were very good, their lead singer had charisma, and it was only their second gig playing together. Also, they came all the way from Brighton to play it. So good on them for that. Plus, if you are reading this blog and you like loud music, you’ll enjoy them – so watch out for them.

Anyway, I’m not a music critic, I’m just a blogger from Tunbridge Wells, and if anyone has any comments or promotions, please add in the comments box….

There should also be a lot of other, better, photos available if you search online, as there were about three other photographers in the audience.

So, a good evening, well done to all from SAFE who organised it, and well done with the work raising the awareness of mental health issues in teenagers.


2 thoughts on “Safe Music Gig

  1. Thanks for your ‘review’.
    Sorry we were a touch too loud for you.
    Keep checking back on our Facebook page for details of our debut release.
    (You can control the volume of that)

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