Inside 108 – 110 St James Road


The building at 108 -110 St James Road has a warehouse that opens onto Stanhope Road, and as part of the building work the doors have been removed. I cheekily went, with camera, to ask for a photo of the warehouse, and was invited in to look at the whole building.

The building is going to remain, and be converted into four flats with parking spaces. The two workmen were quite happy to take a break from sweeping the piles of dust and rubble and have a chat! The building was originally a Co-Op grocers shop, and the top photo features original tiles on the far wall. The building was then taken over by a local company, Kay Aitch, who had a school uniform shop further along St James Road. They used 108 -110 to sell white goods.

The second photo is taken inside the loft. showing the window that looks over the valley towards High Brooms. I’m pleased the building will stay, as it has interesting features outside, and it will be good to watch the work progress.


2 thoughts on “Inside 108 – 110 St James Road

  1. On way back from dog walk today, I was stopped by a lovely old lady who asked whether I knew what was happening to the shop. Had my iPhone and showed her your pics of the inside. She was very pleased they were keeping the building exterior. She was then telling me about what it was like when it was the co-op and all the other shops that were nearby – the off licence, 2 butchers, bakers, cake shop, green grocers, post office etc. I mentioned Camden Road which she described as rubbish particularly since Bob’s DIY closed -“it’s all nail shops and restaurants!” Also had a stick, was very frail and didn’t like walking into town. She blamed the “decline” on “young people who drive everywhere and don’t understand the old community spirit that used to be here”. Yes, it is hard to be old and see changes that don’t seem to be improvements or that some younger people are very community minded. She wasn’t an angry old woman, was very sweet and resigned to a different modern world and that things change. Made me sad 😦

    Would quite like to see an article or something based on the views of older people who are long term residents and their take on what’s happening to St James area. Not that I’m capable of writing one!

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