Stray Dogs, Grey Lady

Stray Dogs, Grey Lady

Wednesday evening, Music by candlelight, Grey Lady on Tunbridge Wells’ Pantiles. A feast of music, as the evening started with David Mumford , who the evening before had been the opening act for Joan Armatrading at our Assembly Hall Theatre. He managed to sell out of his EP’s on Tuesday evening, so good job we bought one when we watched him last month.

Next up was James Medhurst, who, in reading the notes for the evening, got his first guitar when he was eight. Obviously a bit older now he coped well with various technical problems and sang some thoughtful lyrics.

The evening finished with two excellent bands, both actually defined by the dress and hair styles! The Breaks had beards, check shirts and an array of instruments including a child’s guitar… with super foot tapping folky music. Last band were Stray Dogs (Again. See OXJAM in October), an acoustic set featuring quite a bit of electrical music…. but superb, and some new songs which sounded really good – wearing tight, spray-on trousers, quiffs are looking good and seemed to some Movember going on….

As we were sitting with Mr Pope who was taking some very good photos, in my photo I went for the beer and candlelight aspect of the night. However, as I was driving I was able to enjoy some coffee due to the Grey Lady’s downstairs restaurant, makes a nice change from orange juice!


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