America, Thanksgiving, Black Friday…..

America, Thanksgiving, Black Friday.....

In September, when I went to meet Jason Dorman and Richard Simm from Tunbridge Wells Forum about youth activities, they suggested I check out all their gig listings, find the bands on YouTube, have a listen, and then buy some tickets myself – because music isn’t just about under-21s. One band that caught my eye were Lucero who come from Memphis, Tennessee. They are currently on tour, they are playing six towns/cities in the UK… and one of them was Tunbridge Wells. Highly amusing that also yesterday it was Thanksgiving, and Tunbridge Wells featured in the national press with reports of Bigfoot in our ‘quaint’ town. National press stories like this feed off local stories, so I doubt any Daily Mail reporter has been to Tunbridge Wells to look for Bigfoot, but I would have liked a reporter to have popped into the Forum last night!

Lucero seemed a bit disappointed in our lack of Thanksgiving preparations on their behalf, but I hope they take away a positive image of the historic town. Their music live was completely awesome; and I should mention good support from locals The Good Ship Band and The Orange Circus Band.

Apparently Thanksgiving Thursday is followed by Black Friday, the start of Christmas shopping in USA. Here in the UK it started a while ago I think, perhaps we need a Thanksgiving celebration to halt the earlier and earlier start of Christmas… Tomorrow is branded “Buy Nothing Day”. However some friends are taking part in a craft fair in Crowborough tomorrow which we’d like to go and visit, so I won’t encourage Buy Nothing, but I may encourage: Buy Less. Christmas isn’t all about how much money you spend, it probably is about giving thanks….But maybe you could buy a ticket to see Lucero in Brixton next week….


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