Music and lights


A brilliant evening of Music by Candlelight at The Grey lady again. Opening with the beautiful voice and interesting lyrics of Kay Hazleden with her acoustic guitar, looking forward to Kay recording an EP, then swiftly followed by Kirsti Robinson and her band. Strongly suggest you listen to Kirsti’s music on her website, and watch out for when she is playing live again. When Colours Collide are a trio, Hannah, Luke and Paul – who has a very expensive guitar (sic), they are currently recording an album, but listen to some tracks here.

Having seen Alex Beharrell (pictured) both solo and as The Alex B Band several times it was lovely to see them again; for the “Cover Time” section a Muse song was voted for, which Alex handled very well – with the lyrics hand written on a sheet of paper! It’s this level of entertainment which makes a night out of live music worth the cold walk home – as well as catching the major road resurfacing going on in Tunbridge Wells.


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