Posted in December 2012

End of the year, End of the day.

We walked to Rusthall yesterday for lunch in the Toad Rock Retreat pub, which looks out over the sandstone rocks in Rusthall (The name is from the Anglo Saxon Ruste uuelle, meaning the well contains a high level of natural iron like the chalybeate springs in Tunbridge Wells). As it was a fairly late lunch, … Continue reading

“Crowborough Rocks”

A group of volunteers helping to encourage young musicians from around the Crowborough area, took on the Community Centre last night for their end of 2012 show. Ten acts entertained during the evening, meaning a lot of hard work backstage with setting up and taking down the bands. The evening started with “Unauthorised Occupation”, a … Continue reading


This is just a list of “What’s On” in Tunbridge Wells, gathered from our friends in the twitter-sphere… List is likely to be updated over the next 24-ish hours!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Downtown Meltdown at the Forum We’re really excited that this year’s New Year’s Eve Spectacular will be at the Forum! Last year’s event … Continue reading

‘Grosvenor Rocks’ proposal

'Grosvenor Rocks' proposal. This is the blog from the architects who are running the art project in our Park (Grosvenor and Hilbert). Nice to think ahead to sunnier days when this work will be completed, and we can sit outside and enjoy… I was watching some TV earlier filmed in spring-time and it was nice … Continue reading

Three Days of Christmas

Since Christmas Eve evening we have mostly been eating, drinking, watching TV, playing silly games… there has been some travel and presents and tidying up involved as well. Now at a stage of being unsure of the day of the week, so a feeling that tomorrow we need to “pull back into line” and have … Continue reading

Red shoes in the park

Christmas Morning, I walked down the road to Grosvenor and Hilbert Park to take a seasonal photo, what I didn’t expect to see was: firstly an elderly lady in a red coat walking her dog, secondly red shoes left on the bin. Touches of red on a gloomy Christmas Day.

Unlabel Christmas Party 2012

We have had a whole week (or two) of Christmas Parties with various groups and people we know around Tunbridge Wells. Self employment doesn’t lead to a good works do… so it’s good to have these other things going on! Last night was The Forum’s “Unlabel” Christmas Party – The Forum has also had a … Continue reading

A pingwing at Christmas. Day Four.

Pip the pingwing settled himself under the table “reserved” at the back of the pub, where a noisy discussion was starting on books, and writing, and where someone had discarded a cup and straw of melting ice. He drank and listened, as they talked about a book on the shelves “The Luck of Barry Lyndon” … Continue reading