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Somehow on twitter the other evening we came up with #twlove, a slight reversal on I ❤ Tunbridge Wells from the anke blog, because at the moment there seems so many things happening around the town that we are ALL loving Tunbridge Wells. #tw is rather fated for us, as most people looking up tw on twitter are looking for The Wanted, and I expect it's not all love, there are still a lot of Disgusteds out there…. However….

I have started with a photo of The Forum, as this evening they are hosting the band FOALS who are now on the Radio One playlist. The show is a sell-out, which is good for The Forum, especially after the good write up in The Observer the other Sunday. Coming up this Sunday four local bands are playing The Forum: Freddy Green, Story Books, Standard Lamps and Tom Williams &The Boat, and it would be super for that to also be a sell out….

It seems there is a lot happening this weekend, as we get to ten days before Christmas. A quick look on Tunbridge Wells Events and opening on Friday is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at the Assembly Hall, Santa Specials all weekend on the Spa Valley Railway, the Ice Rink and Market in Calverley Grounds, including some German foodie visitors. The Pantiles Christmas Markets are on all weekend, including some music on the bandstands, and many excellent places to eat and drink there now. From Saturday 15th to 22nd December book a guided festive walk and talk on Pantiles with Catherine Pitt, £5 pp. More pantomines as Peter Pan is on at Trinity Theatre and Rapunzel at the Victoria Hall, Southborough. Extra music will come on Saturday via Langton Green Choir carols in Chapel Place for Oxfam Unwrapped and on Sunday music in the afternoon in Woods on the Pantiles, more music in The Grey Lady in the evening. This is just a small selection of what's happening, and there are also the many smaller groups all having their Christmas get togethers.

Last night The Royal Oak held host to two groups, as the Monday Night bookgroup started their pre-Christmas meet, just before Tunbridge Wells Ukulele Night thing started theirs. Luckily a few people in each group knew each other, and by the end of the evening food exchanges were going on between the two.

There are also bigger food exchanges going on as we approach mid winter – Nourish, Hand in Hand Sherwood, Winter Shelter. So by buying a bit extra in the weekly shopping it's possible to share #twlove all around.

It's good that a town can have a community feel, as groups of people get to know each other, and find out more about what's going on. It seems that the village notice board has been replaced by websites, twitter and facebook events – and that can only be good, surely?


3 thoughts on “Tunbridge Wells Love

  1. Yep – loads of stuff going on so make the most of it TW!

    And with all the money people will be spending on extra Christmas grub an extra couple of quid’s worth put aside for one of them there very worthy causes you mention wouldn’t even be noticed now, would it? What we really need are ‘dropping points’ at strategic places around the town. Any local shops / businesses got space for collection boxes and someone who can spare a bit of time to coordinate with the charity group leaders? 😉

  2. Re your final comment, yes it’s good because websites, twitter and facebook are so accessible and spread the word. But not for the still significant number of people deprived of internet access who are increasingly being excluded from all sorts of information.
    Yes and I am still one of the “Disgusteds”! Not with TW which I love and is why I live here, but with the world in general 😉

  3. I know “Nourish” is only just getting going, but they have co-ordinated with a Scouting group – like their facebook page and maybe suggest they look into a collection point in Southborough? I don’t know how the churches are collecting for the “Winter Shelter”, again worth asking them. I dropped my things off at “Hand in Hand” when driving past from the Industrial Estate (let’s not start a moan about that….or parking….)

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