A pingwing at Christmas. Day One.

mixed 002This is a short story about a pingwing, who travelled around Tunbridge Wells. All credit to Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin for launching pingwings onto ITV in 1961. Also Happy Birthday to Grimm’s Fairy Tales who are 200 years old today. This may be a less traumatic tale than some of theirs.
* * * * *
Out of all the pingwings in the world, it was Pip who was born at the Javabean Knitting Club in Tunbridge Wells’ High Street. Pip looked out of the wide windows at G. Collins & Sons Jewellers opposite, and realised he was in a town of great wealth. He climbed up onto the counter and mused, mulled wine or cappuccino?; it seemed the sort of town where both were a better option than asking for a mug of builder’s tea.
The ladies at Javabean Knitting Club were very nice, but Pip thought there must be more to see in a town called Tunbridge Wells – the place must be full of water, and pingwings like water as much as penguins do. So waving “goodbye”, Pip set off for a new home.

See here for details on Javabean Cafe


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