“Crowborough Rocks”

ImageImageA group of volunteers helping to encourage young musicians from around the Crowborough area, took on the Community Centre last night for their end of 2012 show. Ten acts entertained during the evening, meaning a lot of hard work backstage with setting up and taking down the bands.

The evening started with “Unauthorised Occupation”, a mix of two previous bands, who were playing for their first time this evening. Next soloist Paige Hackworth, then acoustic guitar player Milly McCarron. We had gone to support “Prophets and Seers” (top photo) who have also had a slight line-up change recently, follow them on facebook.

After a short break: “By the 13th”, a very enjoyable mixed band,then singer and guitarists Britt and Ellie. Mellow music from band “Casino Way” before acoustic singer/songwriter Kay Hazelden. “Pulse” (bottom photo) seemed to have quite a following and managed to gather a crowd of supporters to dance along. Rounding off the evening, “Pick-Up Funk”, who were … funky.

Well done to the organisers!


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