A year ago

ImageI was looking back through some old photos, thinking about writing a blog on a day when all I’ve done is paperwork, and I found photos from a year ago, which was a very wet and windy morning, followed by a sunny afternoon. We also had this twisted willow tree in the garden, which was cut down not long afterwards.

The thought I was mainly having about writing the blog, was differences in opinion, as I’m currently reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I’m quite enjoying it, in the same way as the first Harry Potter book, it’s a bit of a fairy tale, and a nice bit of escapism. Someone else has already told me they didn’t enjoy it…. but it really is each to their own. Winter evenings are a nice time for some fantasy, and I might rather read something else on a balmy summers evening.

The final strand to this mixed blog – the music I chose to listen to while searching through photos, was by the band Story Books. I hadn’t really considered their name is relation to reading…. I’m just rather taken by the soaring sound of Peregrine. However, I don’t expect everyone to have the same opinion!


One thought on “A year ago

  1. Hem hem… As the aforementioned ‘someone’ I would offer this on The Night Circus: It is the epitome of style over content writing, resembling the candy-floss you might very well buy at said circus, in that while temptingly sweet at fast acquaintance it rapidly dissolves to nothing leaving just a cloying and rather sickly after-taste…

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