Madame Sarah Grand


Following on from looking into the life of suffrage author Sarah Grand, I went to Tunbridge Wells reference library to look through the Kelly’s and Pelton’s street directories. From 1899 -1902 “Madame Sarah Grand” lived at the Grey House in Langton Green, only one of about 36 properties listed in the directory at the time, although in 1891 the population was registered at 661. From 1903 – last available directory 1919 (she is not in next one 1922) “Madame Sarah Grand” lived at no 10 Grove Hill “Bircholt” , off Grove Hill Road. I’ve been for a walk, and looked on old maps, and the road now know as Grove Hill Gardens, was in 1907, just Grove Hill, alongside Birdcage Walk. These impressive gates are either end – from Grove Hill Road to “The Grove”. On further maps, Grove Hill is not on an 1806 map, but is on 1831 map, so built about the same time as the Calverley Park was being built by Decimus Burton. In 1904 directory, out of the 12 houses in the block, only one is occupied by a gentleman, although nos 7 and 8 not listed:

1  Dimsdale, Miss

2  Julian, Miss

3 Robertson, Henry S BA BSC

4 Tompkins, Misses

5 Joynes, Miss

6 Stapleton, Mrs

9 Rogers, Miss (Jevington House)

10 Grand, Madame Sarah

11 Young, Miss

12 Burfield, Misses, (prep school for boys)





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