Mending a wall

ImageImageIf this is a blog about what happened in my day – yesterday was definitely “The Day of The Park”. I can short cut through Grosvenor and Hilbert Park to the town, and as I did so yesterday it was at the time all the bosses concerned with these major works descended on the park for a meeting. A temporary road is being put in, so that heavy machinery can access a Victorian boundary wall that needs repairing. The joy of this, on reflection, is when the wall was built, that part of the park was a farm still, and there was no machinery like this around! Or men in hard hats and High-Vis jackets!

After the trip to the town, we prepared St Barnabas School Hall for a very informative evening talk on the Natural History of the park. Dr Ian Beavis, from TW Museum, divided the park into it’s different area, woodland, grassland and aquatic/wetland and explained how and why so many different things grow and live around us. One of the main reasons we have a nature reserve in our woods is, again, because this was a farm with un-touched ancient woodland.


2 thoughts on “Mending a wall

  1. That half constructed temporary road looks better than many of the main roads around Southborough! Any chance we can borrow the digger for a couple of days? (I might even be tempted to drive it into town and ‘accidentally’ knock over a certain site that’s been awaiting redevelopment for a decade or so, nudge nudge, wink wink…)

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