Posted in February 2013

A Morning with Paul Dunton

So why would a former golf pro want to meet me, in a former church, for coffee? Only really to share a quiet, but very strong, passion for Tunbridge Wells local music. Paul Dunton left school looking at a life of golf. However an injury in his mid 20s lead him to returning to an … Continue reading

Chipping away

I took this photo last week in Hilbert Road, where the original red brick pavements are showing themselves under the wearing away tarmac. A year ago I traded up my phone to a Blackberry because I wanted to use twitter and, less so, facebook when out. Not long after that I started this blog, and … Continue reading

Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon

Sunday 24th February was TW Half Marathon, organised by Harriers Running Club. I walked in reverse of their route from the town centre, out to The Hare at Langton Green, where Tunbridge Wells Ukulele’s TWUNTS had been playing to cheer them on. Also had to walk home again, so about eight miles altogether, passing runners … Continue reading

Forum in February

So, it’s February, it’s been snowing, there’s a bitterly cold wind, but it’s Saturday night. Hard to tell in Tunbridge Wells though, looks like Wimps Town, with hardly a soul out of doors. As we walk through the deserted town towards The Pantiles we do have to remind ourselves, It Is Saturday. So, of course, … Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Winter Blues

» Daily Prompt: B+ by michelle w. on February 23, 2013 Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album Brilliant, I don’t have a photo today, so thought I’d do the Daily Prompt…. Last weekend was rubbish for me! Anyway, here goes: “Winter Blues” by The Grays … Continue reading

Silverdale, post box

Today the weather has been cold, with small snow flurries almost all the time, and I have a cold, surrounded with boxes of tissues all the time. I went to the Silverdale Road Co-op to get some things for lunch today and breakfast tomorrow, but also as I knew there was another post box! I … Continue reading

Council Meeting in Tunbridge Wells

Last night I went, as a member of the public, to a Council Meeting in the Town Hall Council Chamber. These are some pictures of the tidying up left at the end of the over three hour meeting. Having been in the Council Chamber before I am no longer over impressed with the original table … Continue reading

Oxfam Bookshop Tunbridge Wells

This was not my first visit to Oxfam Bookshop, but the first time I had been beyond the door and into the basement.  I had gone to collect a form from Sandra, the manager, who is going to bring some books to sell at the FoGH Family Day in May, and I dropped off a … Continue reading

A new blog –

I’ve realised post boxes are going to be an on going project, so they are having their own blog! Then some more day to day activities can come back into These Memories…. There have also been offers to collect more than Tunbridge Wells postboxes, but for now the blog is here: Tunbridge Wells Post Boxes

Post boxes, Upper Grosvenor Road

Walking along Upper Grosvenor Road I passed three post boxes. The first is by the very hidden entrance to Grosvenor and Hilbert Park, the second on Dunstan Road, the third in Park Road. This is turning into a fun project as I try to work out the best view for each post box, which is … Continue reading