Went to The Barracks


We had the chance today to drive out to the country and visit “The Barracks Recording Studio”. It is run by the drummer, Mark Cooper, of the “Tuesday Night Specials” who organise The Black Horse Jam Nights. Today, Dan Littlechild of “Acoustic Valium Project” had taken Annie Lees over to record two original tracks and one cover. This is part of expanding the Project and its website.
It was really interesting to spend some time watching Mark at work, and see how different the recording process is, compared to singing a song live in a pub or club. Mark has created a very relaxing atmosphere, which hopefully will be a help for the artists at AVProj who will be recording for the first time.
To my eyes the studios look well equipped and there is also a lounge, kitchen and toilets! Both Mark and Dan have always struck me as people who care about music and sharing that with others, so I hope both projects do well this year, together and separately.

Find The Barracks on facebook

The current AVProj website, including Annie Lees


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