Oxfam Bookshop Tunbridge Wells


This was not my first visit to Oxfam Bookshop, but the first time I had been beyond the door and into the basement.  I had gone to collect a form from Sandra, the manager, who is going to bring some books to sell at the FoGH Family Day in May, and I dropped off a bag of used Jacqueline Wilson books. It felt a privilege to go downstairs (top photo), but for the many volunteers that’s part of the day’s work, sorting donations and choosing what goes upstairs. There are some lovely old books (middle photo), and maps… and sheet music… and DVDs… and the shop is also getting ready for Comic Relief, with an array of Red Noses.

I thought the Writer’s Group might like “The Writer’s Idea Workshop” book .. placed on the shelf next to “The Return of Heroic Failures”, OK, no comment….

In July Oxfam hold “Bookfest” to celebrate books, and Sandra and I were chatting about ideas where the Writer’s Group might be able to get involved. Starting in a bookshop could be the spark of an idea – “Notting Hill” “Black Books” “Keep the Aspidistra Flying”, it’s certainly a way to while a way an hour browsing. Plus, if you really like being in a bookshop, Oxfam are always looking for volunteers, especially at the weekends. If you like books, and people who like books, pop in and have a chat about helping:

6 Chapel Place, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1YQ


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