Pantiles 1912

ImageI’m not too sure where this picture came from now… but a view of The Pantiles in 1912, with old bandstand. I was trying to find an old photo of The Fishmarket. Council ideas at the moment, to save money, are to move the Tourist Information Centre, from it’s prominent position in The Fishmarket, to a unit hidden inside the Corn Exchange. While there are plans to revitalise the Corn Exchange with Rosemary Shrager Cookery School , this location is a little bit off the beaten track, and will involve a scale down on staffing hours. However much we move towards technology, there’s nothing like asking a real person, with knowledge, a real face-to-face question…. but TWBC will be increasing it’s interactive information boards (Must go and look for one…)


3 thoughts on “Pantiles 1912

  1. My gran, as a child, used to deliver fish on a cart around TW. I remember listening to her story of the huge cod’s head she pushed all the way home through the snow, past the pantiles and skaters on Brighton lake, as pay for her day’s labours…

    Coming again soon to a town near you if this government’s austerity measures continue unchallenged.

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