Words in Javabean

ImageImageThanks are in order to everyone who came to Javabean, and to Javabean for hosting: We enjoyed an evening of words, drink and Mezze-style-nibbling. Thanks to Kate, American in England, I’m starting to wonder what words I use that American readers may not understand…. but we all had a natter as well….

Two writers have been encouraged to now perform in The Forum next Wednesday at Word Up, and we are all encouraged to get writing some more and have another evening. I apologise for any lack of organisation… I shall be looking for a bell, or a drum, or something, but I did feel like the headmaster calling school to order! “Quiet please children!”


3 thoughts on “Words in Javabean

  1. I did like the fat bloke who wented on last – he was funny! Octerpus fried in Bukka, I arks you. The rest were brillyunt too but I diddent really undastand it all as they were very clevor and I’m not. 😉

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