Word Up!

ImageA particularly chilly March evening in Tunbridge Wells, and a varied assortment of people sit and stand in The Forum for the first Word Up! event. Hosted by Dwella, we were entertained by two Brighton poets, Tom Sissons and, pictured, Invokal .  There was also the Open Mic Slam, where eight ‘virgins’ got up and had a go. Golden envelopes were passed around with voting slips, and we debated our choices. When the envelopes were opened it came as rather a surprise to Jess Mookherjee that …. every single vote was for her …. and some contained love hearts!! As Jess is one of the three Tunbridge Wells Writers who stood up, we are very pleased within the group. Now we need to export Jess to a Brighton audience!! 

Watch Tom Sissons at Hammer and Tongue Grand Slam Final 2012


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