ImageImageImageBack in October there will be a blog Walking Tour about a walk around Tunbridge Wells common as part of the Grosvenor Rocks project. The walk finished at Tunbridge Wells Forum, which is situated where one of the original houses pre-The Wells was. Polly and Suzie were part of commissioning Grosvenor Rocks, and in October they told me about a new project that was underway – Hoodwink. Hoodwink have been sharing bits and pieces on facebook and twitter ever since, and their links to The Forum….little hints of what’s going on. 

Today, in the glorious sunshine, the work that is Profound Riches sits shining on The Forum roof, and when band Mallory Knox start playing tonight, sounds from inside will activate the lights on Profound Riches. Also inside, sounds will be recorded and can be heard on the internet radio, and you can contribute through the telephone boxes inside… plus the previous day’s radio should be heard at the Museum, where there is a model of the project. Finally – there is a good, old time fanzine, including an interview with the artist Jonathan Wright . The artwork will be up for six months, including during unfest (May 24-26) where Hoodwink are giving away a recording day at UnStudio in The Forum.





3 thoughts on “Hoodwink

  1. Would’ve been nice to have been given some of this information when we arrived after hearing about this project from a friend. Public art is supposed to be inclusive after all. I asked the band in the garden what was going on and they explained about how the aerial would light up when they played later.

  2. Hello Daisy, Having followed the project through after first hearing about it, by keeping track on facebook and twitter, I was lucky enough to get an invite for the private view. The invite had all the details of the project, and there were more details in the fanzine. I’m not involved in the organising, but I feel the point behind Hoodwink is you find out about it as it is going on, rather than it being handed to you on a plate.

  3. Hi Daisy, did you attend on the evening of the launch on the 25th? We feel Profound Riches is an inclusive piece of work, it is on the roof of the building and therefore able to be viewed by anyone and everyone who passes. What do you think of the piece? If you’d like to know more about us, you can visit our website: http://www.hoodwink.org.uk

    Carolyn – thanks again for coming to the PV, and for the mention on your blog! I’ve just uploaded some photos onto our facebook page, of the launch and PV. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.547606321958136.1073741826.441467712571998&type=3#!/HoodwinkHQ/photos_stream

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