More Park This Way


Brilliant weather forecast for tomorrow, Bank Holiday Monday, which in a way is good, as since Christmas a sub-committee of Friends of Grosvenor and Hilbert Park have been planning a Family Day. One of the first statements was, “That’s usually a cold weekend”, but we picked that date as it doesn’t clash with any of the other major town events. We do feel a bit like we are launching the Summer Season for The Wells! The afternoon is starting with a fun Dog Show, and a Very Local Band, Scuffed Souls, with a whole afternoon of music, food, drink and assorted stalls and entertainments. Things are spread out around the whole park, such as Have a Go at Bowls on the green, to an Arts and Crafts Demonstration Marquee by the Oast House. The aim is to raise awareness of all the park has to offer, while entertaining the local community.

In other local news, Tunbridge Wells Football Club played at Wembley Stadium yesterday, competing in the FA Carlsberg Vase Final against Spennymoor Town. A large amount of Tunbridge Wells seems to have gone to watch. As I had things to do at home I settled for listening on BBC Radio Kent. Quite entertaining listening to a match – not a lot of idea what was going on (not a BIG footie fan) so it was supplemented by live tweets from around the Tunbridge Wells twitterati. Generally we gathered that Spennymoor got a goal in the first half; then in the second half, Tunbridge Wells tried very hard, got a goal, the crowd cheered a lot, and then almost straight away Spennymoor scored again, and that was the score at the final whistle. Every now and again the presenters had to update other local Kent games, during which times radio listeners prayed nothing was going to happen at Wembley. Other interesting insights: The Spennymoor shirts were a bit worn out and it was hard to read the numbers, and the Tunbridge Wells supporters could have shouted a little louder. But, the commentators did quite well in entertaining those who hadn’t gone to see it live!


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