Sarah Grand & marriage


Since writing about author Sarah Grand (published in May Town Crier) I’ve heard from Alison Sandford MacKenzie who played Sarah Grand in the 2009 Camden Road play “The Vanishing Elephant” . Alison says elope isn’t the right word, as Sarah married with her Mother’s consent (her Father having died when she was young). Despite reading reports linking Sarah’s independence to a change in laws regarding divorce, it seems very likely that Sarah just left her husband and son, and never divorced. The change in her name from ‘Frances McFall’ to Madame Sarah Grand was to distance her writings about the ‘New Woman’ from her husband’s life as an army surgeon.

Read Town Crier original article. Photo shows 18 Crescent Road, the former shop of Tunbridge Wells Branch of National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies.


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