Pantiles Food Festival May 2013


This weekend the Pantiles were alive with the smells of food. A two day food festival, with many different stalls offering different delights. We went today for lunch: after wandering around all the stalls we settled on some paella from La Casa Vecchia (it’s just not something we’d ever cook at home – the basis for most of our eating out!) On the Lower Walks our daughter also had a cinnamon pancake, cooked in front of our eyes. and we all shared a bag of Turkish Delight. As you may note: Many Different Delights!!

It was nice to see some faces from the Grosvenor and Hilbert Family Day – Pulpito from Camden Road, and magician Mike Alan were both there. Mike was telling us how he started his life as a magician busking on the streets of Paris, and while he will dress up smart and entertain you at a corporate event… he can still draw a crowd on the streets! There were lots of crowds, proving again that alot of hard work by a few can entertain many. Next weekend, The Pantiles will be alive with the Sound of Music… unfest


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