Unfest 2013 Sunday


Day three was warm, and sunny, what more could anyone ask for? Tunbridge Wells lacks a sea & seaside, but the Common serves quite well….

Started the day inside The Forum for a solo set by Mike Wilton of The Standard Lamps, who managed to perform ‘Harmonica Song’ without a harmonica, and then dash outside to play with The Ackerleys (middle photo). It was now 2pm on a lovely afternoon, and people dog – walking on the Common stopped to watch through the fence, as the gentle sounds of The Ackerleys drifted past. We waited outside for the Word Up! poetry session, where six of our local stars (and Alison’s son) read, a range of topics from women’s rights to the joys of living in Crowborough.

We then crossed over the road to The Pantiles to see Jessica Johansson and band play in The Duke of York. Despite the sun outside, the pub was packed!

After a brief supper break I returned to the basement of The Sussex Arms for two very “hot” acts, Ugly Love and In Tyler we Trust. This is “hot” in terms of the temperature of the basement, the enthusiasm of the bands (who are on ground level with the fans) and the loyalty of the fans. I came out with my ears ringing, and was glad to calm down to a little mellow singing from Poppy Raine in The Duke of York.

The rest of the evening was spent at The Forum with the variety of: Sweet Williams, Son of Kirk, The Brainflowers (bottom picture “Psychedelic Show”), The Orange Circus Band and finally – Natty Speaks (with Dom) – as his pre-gig tweet said “it’s going to be one Huge Jam” and I think it was… The joy of the variety of music, events and venues, meant sometimes you would find yourself enjoying something you never expected. The delayed running order meant hip-hoppers turning up for Natty, turned into a hoe-down mosh pit for American-Country Orange Circus Band. There is the spicy jam of life.


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