Review of unfest 2013


Under my out of focus photo of SLAVES finishing their set of the floor of The Forum on Saturday night, I am going to collect together links to other people’s reviews, blogs, photos, videos. This will be a work in progress as more things probably come up.

Starting with two YouTube Videos, The first made by Jacob Rickard of BBC Radio Kent’s “Introducing” programme Tour and the second by Luc Negri, someone I spotted out and about with a camera – he’s used two tracks to cover the whole event, one by Sean de Burca, one by Stray Dogs AfterMovie

Next two blogs from fellow Tunbridge Wells Writers. Sarah Miles has a pleasant afternoon in the garden. Lovely2Cu is concerned about the amount of cameras about….

Hoodwink were around performing Random Acts of Kindness – did anyone spot them?

Some details are going on facebook unfest2013 and onto facebook Tunbridge Wells Forum

Photos also seem to be concentrated on facebook: An Audience with The Pope has some stunning shots, and great photos of Joeyfat by Michael Houghton Photography ….. and the blog grinds to a halt there as none of the other photographers seem to have put their photos up yet!!!

Come the Spring part of a collection by Burning Picks Photography

Photos from The Bedford pub

From Peter Richardson

I’ve now set up a facebook page to go with this blog, to share a wider range of photos These Memories Which


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