Music in the Park

ImageImageImageFirst time for Sunday afternoon Busking in the Park and we have grey skies and quite chilly weather! Not really what we hoped for when first planning the idea of Three Summer Events!

We are very grateful for the people who did turn up and do what we expected – bring chairs and rugs and enjoy a picnic and some music. The park space also gave the children a chance to run around, and we were joined by a couple of (quiet) dogs.

We had five, very different, acts, starting with Henry Willard (bottom photo), Freedom Leveller (middle photo) (and I found out his name is really Roger), Kay Hazelden, Prophets and Seers (top photo) and Say You Surrender. It was a good way to bring music to people, especially families, and also for a bit of networking!

Near the end Dan from Acoustic Valium Project came along, after a day on a float at Tonbridge Carnival, and I’m grateful for his MC skills (although we had no microphone) as I wasn’t really very good at it…. Hoping we have some sunshine next time though Dan….

Events and news on our facebook page.


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