‘Hats Matter’ are at Art Pull!

ImageImageImageIt’s the third week that ‘Art Pull’ in Camden Road has been open, and this week sees ‘Hats Matter’ – and yes, I think hats can be art. We had a lovely chat with Sarah McIvor (top photo) whose hat making is her hobby, often making hats for her work colleagues. They get to visit her house for a social hat fitting session, and end up with an individual creation. Emma, with tennis elbow, models a hat by Nanette James , whose wall full of wonderful creations are shown behind – many little birds and bright colours – Nanette is also an illustrator and jeweller. The bottom photo shows the flowery work of Caroline Morris , perfect for weddings, for both guests and brides. Work by Victoria Hansen and Milly Spaven, also on show… I will have to write another blog tomorrow there were so many hats!!

The ladies will be in the shop until Saturday, so go in and talk to them, try on some hats…. maybe even … buy one. Open Weds and Thurs from 11am to 7pm, and Fri and Sat 11am to 5pm. You could also drop by their favourite coffee and cake shop – The Savoury – for some lunch, or into Il Vesuvio for dinner!

See the next events coming up at Art Pull

See Mrs Anke in Hats as well!


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