Art, poetry and prose in Tunbridge Wells

ImageImageImageI’ve had a couple of evenings out, and very varied. On Tuesday I passed by the latest opening night at Art Pull, 110 Camden Road, where there is great contrast between the works of Sharon Rosa Seymour, Mark Paul Perry and Rosy James. I was on my way to Trinity “Arts Centre”… it seems incorrect to call it Theatre, as I was going to watch the film “The Great Gatsby”. It’s the first time I’d been to Trinity as a cinema, and it was lovely, much nicer than the trek involved travelling out to the characterless Odeon complex at Knights Park. Also enjoyed “The Great Gatsby”, but would have been sad if I didn’t, as it’s one of the key novels from my teen reading, and I still think life should be one long Gatsby party, before Daisy went along to one.

Last night was the third of the Javabean “Read Your Words”, a title born on the spur of the moment in February, which has stuck, even if you have learnt your words and are reciting not reading… We had a total of ten ‘readers’ covering a vast range of subjects – both poetry and short stories. There was the standard drinking, peanut nibbling and chat, including discussion about the next two “Word Up!” nights – one at The Forum on Thursday 1st August, and a special evening on Wednesday 7th August in the Trinity garden, where a Big Top will be set up for the week.

The artist on display at the moment at Javabean is Fola Akinsola, a Graphic Designer who uses recycled and reclaimed pieces in her work – one picture said ‘HOPE’. Here’s *hoping* that these cultural events continue around the town. There is much going on this weekend, particularly with music, the best place to see what’s going on is Tunbridge Wells Events


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