ImageImageImageAll these photos were taken in Tunbridge Wells within the last twenty four hours. I realised the only thing linking them was, they are events attended by people, held within Tunbridge Wells. Also that I have been to all three events, with a bit of sleep between the first two and the last one…

Sunday afternoon kicked off with Busking in the Park, in the sun, so the majority of people sat in the shade, the two performers who were able to come had to drink a lot of water, and generally a good time was had by all.

Over lapping time wise, Oxjam Jam Slam was happening in the RVP Market Square until 8pm. A launch for the Oxjam Take-over in October, by the time we arrived the square was pleasantly shady and still warm, and everyone was sitting around listening to a band – ‘Hot Fiction’. This was followed by some poetry under the Word Up! banner, and more bands. Meanwhile a bar, food and stalls added to the festival feel, and by the end the audience were joining in and dancing in the square. This is a very under used part of our town, built originally twenty years ago to replace an old market area. For a while twice weekly, good old fashioned markets were held here – with a carrier of bananas for a pound, cheap greetings cards, an interesting plant stall and other delights. The market ceased trading a few years ago, and the space is mainly used now as a short cut, or a meeting place for school children.

The final photos shows the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment receiving the Freedom of the Borough from The Mayor this morning. They may now march through the streets, with bayonets fixed, drums beating and colours flying. Which they did in stifling heat at 11am. The photo shows the formal side of it, but quite a few people came to cheer and wave flags – maybe not as many as for the Olympic Torch Relay…

All things that make people happy, especially when the sun is shining. For most people Monday is a normal work day, and it was interesting while in Javabean, before the Parade, to watch the delivery man who had to struggle as the road was closed and he’d carried boxes a long way in the heat. Let’s hope that he had time later for a bit of happiness.

Written to link into Sarah Miles Monday Club… took several attempts with my ‘linky tool’ lalala, happiness now will be a coffee in the garden!


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    • I’d blogged my afternoon at The Forum on Saturday… I haven’t been there in the last 24hours+ (9?) … but I did see all the staff breakfasting in Javabean before the PWRR Parade … *javabean*

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