Oxjam Jam Slam


Rewind to Sunday afternoon, and the Market Square, Tunbridge Wells. I mentioned the Oxjam Jam Slam briefly yesterday in a general blog about people getting out and enjoying themselves.

The main Oxjam event will be in October, at various different venues around the town. Sunday was a launch, and part of Our Big Gig “bringing people together through the power of music”. I think the Jam Slam managed that, just look at the wide range of people who came along!

‘Ricky and the Hats’ were joined on stage by Ricky’s young sons for one of their songs, and Lee Willz also had his son – who wanted to join in, then didn’t!! For a few days before I had been handing out some flyers, and was very pleased to see an elderly couple I had talked to about it had come along and were making the most of the sun and music.

It was also good to bump into a variety of friends and acquaintances. The team at Oxjam have been very busy with posters, flyers, and also on social media, and had the back up of the two Oxfam shops in Tunbridge Wells, as well as Royal Victoria Place, who own the square. By doing something different and interesting in a public space, they attracted quite a bit of attention.

They have also managed to raise over £500 already for Oxfam, through the collecting buckets and a mixture of stalls, and thanks to donations from local businesses.

Like unfest in May, they were blessed with some of the nicest weather of the summer, which at times has resembled autumn. It will be interesting to see how the actual TakeOver works out when we do reach the real autumn, hopefully the enthusiasm for another town music event will keep growing as people hear more about it. 

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One thought on “Oxjam Jam Slam

  1. Yes, very good to see this part of the town used for something worthwhile, and also to see RVP making some of their facilities available out of hours to accommodate it!

    Blimey – a positive comment from me? I must be mellowing in my old age! 😉

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