From Fusion Festival to Creatures of Habit….

ImageIn terms of photos for a blog I have not done very well this weekend, despite being very busy.

Here we have the Tunbridge Wells Farmers’ Market on Saturday, set up on the main road as part of the Fusion Festival 2013. The whole road was closed for the day, with music and entertainment, al fresco dining and various market stalls. I was only in town for the very early part and missed the events on stage, which finished with – now in the charts again with ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ – Toploader performing. Sounds like everyone who went had a good time.

I was back at Tunbridge Wells Football Club for the second Home Friendly of the pre-season, where the opposition (Wembley) got held up on the M25, and the predicted rain came….

In a major deja vu we then went to the Grey Lady again on Sunday evening for a bill that consisted of IsseyCee, who played at Busking in the Park two weeks ago, making her debut at the Grey Lady; Kirsty Macleod, who I’d seen a few weeks back in The Bedford; new collaboration Creatures of Habit; and headlining – The Breretons. IsseyCee (still 13) showed no hint of nerves, at what was, at 7.45, an already quite crowded room. Before starting her set Kirsty offered words of support to IsseyCee. Kirsty her recently given up work to concentrate solely on music, so if you’d like to book her: click here A lot of people had come to see Creatures of Habit however. Lead by Steve Spall (of The Violet Jive, see blog about Jazz on the Pantiles) and Kinsey Green (often seen, but since the end of Origami Dinosaur rarely heard), here was some jivey, jazzy tunes that you feet wouldn’t stay still to, and lyrics that would cheer your soul… To say the room got HOT would be an understatement, it was COOKING. In fact, I think most of the audience were outside cooling down during the first half of the Breretons, where Charlotte charmed as always. Four acts showing that personality adds that final touch beyond good tunes and lyrics…..

As an advert for Tuesday evening, if you are around the Camden Road area stop by Art Pull and look at the next lot of exhibits ‘Mix it up’

Jazz on the Pantiles

Busking in the Park

Camden Road


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