Back to the park


The reason I started a blog last spring was to get together information to use for the Friends of Grosvenor and Hilbert Park, collecting history from around the local area. Somewhere along the way it strayed into a blog on all things – from history to events.

Tomorrow I’ll be going along to another meeting for local group ‘Water in the Wells’, who are trying to encourage the re-instating of some of the town’s water features. For example, originally a stream ran through the lower Pantiles, and there was a lake in what is now Calverley Grounds… One idea recently suggested is re-building an outdoor swimming pool in the town, something which may appeal to a wide range of ages. We had one in Grosvenor, near to the existing lake (above) and there was also a pool in Pembury.

This week is Love Parks Week, and we will be having an Open Afternoon on Saturday in the Bowls Pavilion, as well as a woodland walk on Sunday afternoon. There are also three events coming up with Kent High Weald Partnership, who manage the park woodlands – including the Playday next Wednesday. Then on Sunday 18th August, we have our last Busking in the park for the summer. As we move into autumn, we’ll be joining in with Heritage Open Days.

I love how all these separate strands of life in Tunbridge Wells weave together, from history to water, music to children, and how we value our parks and open spaces.




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