Breakfast at Trinity’s… but at night… in a tent…

ImageImageImageTrying to make the most of the Big Top being up… headed off to ‘Breakfast at Trinity’s’ as soon as I could after it’s 5pm start… Not so much Breakfast at 5pm as burgers and beer, but the concept of bands playing and collecting donations in the drum was the same as the Saturday mornings in the foyer!

When I arrived Jon Mills was just finishing, which he did by walking off the acoustic stage, through the audience and out the tent entrance! Next on were Hunting Bears (top photo), followed by Standard Lamps (middle photo), Dan Clews on the acoustic stage, Matty Pound & Lieutenant Leek (bottom photo) and a storming finale from Coco and the Butterfields, their first performance in Tunbridge Wells.

It was also a very social evening. Lots of people who for various reasons couldn’t get along to a Saturday Breakfast enjoyed themselves, and as the event is, essentially, free,  gave people to drop by for just an hour to catch up with friends and chat in the bar or outside. There was also the chance for the artists to sell CDs and promote future events. Like unfest and Local & Live festival, ‘free’ gigs give people the chance to hear something they might not gamble a £5.00 entry fee on, it’s just then up to them to put the £5.00 in the donations bucket if they had a good time, and keep these events rolling along!

Rollup! Rollup! to the next Breakfast – in the tent Saturday morning – 10am to 12 noon


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