National Playday


A belated blog. The first Wednesday in August is National Playday, an event taken on in Grosvenor and Hilbert Park by the Kent High Weald Partnership, as in previous years. Using local wood various ‘making’ activities were available such as wands, dream catchers, bug boxes and Bows and Arrows. There was also face painting, bug hunting, football, skittles, story telling and the chance to have a sack race. Friends of Grosvenor and Hilbert Park went along with some badges and also a box full of goodies via ‘Fields in Trust’. Our, currently slightly boggy, lower football pitch is a King George V protected field, and comes under the banner of ‘Fields in Trust’. Their rosettes, beach balls and kites were very popular, and a few donations went in the bucket that we passed onto KHWP for their time. As Friends we didn’t play very much, but we had a good chat amongst ourselves and with visitors; it was a fine, dry day, and we look forward to pitching up again next year for more coffee and chat!

National Playday

Fields in Trust

Kent High Weald Partnership


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