The weekend in the Big Top


Trinity Big Top saw a range of events over the weekend – we went along to two….

Saturday evening saw the show that is produced from the memories collected as ‘Bring the Happy’. Tunbridge Wells is the third town to be visited so memories of Leeds and Coventry were mixed with four days in Tunbridge Wells.  Stories from lives far braver than ours, and more ordinary than ours, from a 1960s wedding reception in a cafe (too poor for anything else) to the man who for the first time met his son when his son was nine, to the old lady carrying around a photo of foxes…. As part of the musical experience we were sprayed with Cava and confetti, made to dance in the aisles, wave sparklers in the air and play kazoos. Luckily each table also came with a jug of sangria – but as some people passing the ‘Bring the Happy’ shops ask – “Is the government paying for this?” “I hate art.” “Why?” ….. well, what ever the answers may be, our table enjoyed the finished performance!

Sunday during the day saw the Vintage Fair, in the tent, and activities outside including free circus skills lessons, face painting, bouncy castle and dog show. I was only able to visit for the first hour, bought some jewellery, but would have loved to have been around in the afternoon to see how the dog show went!

Positive votes all round for the whole week – something for everyone I’d say – unfortunately I forgot to fill in my feedback slip>>>>>>


Mrs Tea

Cherish Fairs


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