Time flies, backwards and forwards…..

ImageImageImageA fine thing to be so busy there is no time to put the week into a blog!

Last Saturday saw ‘Keyfest’ at the Cross Keys pub (top photo), a day of music, food and fundraising, ending in a jam in the bar; a large marquee in the garden had made sure the weather couldn’t ruin the afternoon’s fun, including a bouncy castle.

On Sunday we held our ‘Last in the season’ Busking in the Park. We had three artists, including Henry Willard (middle photo), and the assortment of sunshine and showers continued. We laughed when Alice sung “Here comes the sun”… and it did, less happily so when Henry sung about thunderstorms … while it was raining …

Last night I went to the Grey Lady to see the debut there of Rocinia (bottom photo); hopefully, despite their slightly loud sound levels, they will be returning in the future.

There is also a lot I’ve had to miss – the acoustic heats of Fusion Festival, the latest Art Pull launch… Much more coming up this weekend as Tunbridge Wells explodes in a mass of music.

Local and Live 2013


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