Bank Holiday week….


A bank holiday week is always a funny one, no one is sure what day it is, when they were last at work, when they saw everyone, and in the blink of an eye it’s nearly Friday again….

So, what’s been going on after the ‘Tunbridge Wells weekend of music’? Well, don’t think many of my customers at work had paid much attention to that – I’ve been selling bacon sandwiches and burgers all week to people who seem to have settled for “a nice quiet weekend”….

Talking of bacon sandwiches, I got a name check on the new website for Rocinia. The reference comes from Simon working for Mereworth Motors, and often driving cars down for an MOT, and stopping for a bacon sandwich. But thanks for the name check, a blog is more fluid, so your website won’t hang around here too long….

I gained some more facebook friends over the weekend, tagging people in photos, and liking pages. We still know people who dislike facebook, but I love being able to connect with so many people, share ideas, and pick up comments and views. Twitter, on the other hand, seems to have undergone a strange update, filling the timeline with blue lines. However, still safe on my phone uber social app, I can throw out random messages at all times of day. I like the 140 character challenge.

I saw quite a bit of one of my favourite tweeters @tomadolph over the last weekend. Tom is in a band (Ugly Love Band) and works at both the Forum and the Assembly Hall. and has a wicked sense of humour in his 140 character tweets, so, merely in thanks for his humour I’ve just bought an Ugly Love Tshirt – i’m considering the most poignant places to wear it.

Finally, talking of Tshirts, top sales on the Local and Live Merch Table Monday evening from Alex Beharrell – at one point I thought he was morphing into Del Boy …. Alex has just changed his ‘day job’ which I hope works well for him. “Watch this space”?

I love the people I’ve met over the past few years in Tunbridge Wells, and long may it continue!

Photo: “BERT”


News: Local and Live

Background music for blog writing: Ben Peters


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